Often times, you don’t realize just how mentally and physically exhausted you are until you get a moment to sit and catch your breath and thoughts. The past few weeks have been strange. Or, perhaps, I’ve just been strange. Or, just stranger than usual.

Between our Disney trip, Em finishing school for the year, my Fred Flinstone foot, Em deciding sleep is for sissies, and a slew of other hiccups, I think I went into survival mode. I didn’t realize it at the time because, well, you rarely do when you’re in the thick of things.

We planned to visit our family in Pennsylvania for Emery’s birthday and it really couldn’t have come and a better time. I needed to get out of Georgia for a while and let my momma take care of me and love on my babies. I needed to sit with my sisters and listen to them put things in perspective. I needed to catch up with friends I haven’t seen in years and laugh until tears streamed down my face. And my girls needed to run free through the wide open spaces and catch lightning bugs in their pudgy, dirt-crusted fists.

I even got the rare opportunity to spend an entire day out with my momma and three sisters to shop, eat and relax. There is no better medicine, I swear.


I ran in the mild Pennsylvania weather most mornings and we ate dessert most evenings – which is a perfect display of balance. Bonus points in you eat ice cream while wearing running clothes. Those calories don’t count.cousins62013

The girls could not get enough of their cousins and I had to physically carry Em to bed each night because she didn’t want the fun to end. We stayed up too late, woke too early and ate more delicious Italian food than I care to remember.

But it was all necessary. It was a recovery. These visits recalibrate me. I love the time at home not only because of who is there and the memories tied to the places but also because it reminds me of how much I love being where I am now with the people in my life.    This tether gives me the confidence to be where and who I am while knowing that when things get a bit strange, I can come back to center and regroup.






4 thoughts on “Recovery.

  1. It was so great to read such a calm, relaxed post by you! While many of your recent posts have been hilarious (not because of the situations but due to your sarcastic tone), anyone would’ve reached their breaking point. I’m glad you had such a rejuvenating time with your family!

    • Thanks, Angie – I didn’t realize how much I needed some r&r until it arrived 🙂 And a HUGE congratulations to you!!! I’m seriously behind on my blog reading. I can’t wait to hear how it all happened!

  2. Glad you got some time to chill! And eat tasty food. Mmmm…Cheesecake Factory. =) And it’s always so much fun to see the kiddos play with cousins! I love when Abbey (my neice) and sister visit. We don’t have to do ANYTHING all day, they just play & play. =)

    • It’s great! I love that they’re now at an age where they really just play and (for the most part) work our their disagreements themselves. It helps that my oldest niece is 10 so she keeps the littler ones from jumping off the top of the swing set. Which really just means that my sisters and I can can sit and paint our nails with minimal chances of smudging 😉

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