My jaw is sore from clenching and my teeth ache from grinding both day and night. My lips are raw from constant gnawing and my tongue tingles after five days of chewing the tip.

This was Em’s first week of preK and things haven’t been swell. It started on a high note – laughter, smiles, twirls and skipping to the car on Monday. As the week progressed, her enthusiasm has waned. By this morning, she complained of a belly ache and asked if she could please stay home with me.

She misses her momma and thinks this is just too much school.

I’m inclined to agree.

Eight hours.

That’s a long time to be away from home.

I leave to join the carpool line in 7 minutes. But who’s counting.

We’re giving it some time. I want to challenge her to go outside of her comfort zone. But she’s four. And there is a whole lot of life ahead of her to learn lessons.

And missing your momma is a pretty solid reason to be a quitter.


6 thoughts on “Quitter.

  1. oh i am so glad this post wasn’t about quitting blogging! I am sorry emery is sad… but i just know it will work one way or the other. (you know i am all about no school wooh hooh!) hoping you have a nice easy weekend to reflect on the whole matter.

    • No, not quitting blogging! Just a bit of a sabbatical, I suppose. She had a MUCH better day and evening but Josh was able to come along to pick her up which automatically brightened her day (and mine). I suppose we’re going to keep riding this wave for a bit longer.

  2. That’s not quitting . That’s exploring good options for your child and then choosing the very best one for them.

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