About The Lambent Life

The Lambent Life focuses on simple living – living with intention. It’s about choosing things of substance and sustainability, filling our lives with culture, community and those things that give us depth. Veering away from the disposable lifestyle that culture tells us to desire. We seek to breathe deeply and fill our thoughts with those whisps of ideas that make our hearts happy.

Much like salt is used to season foods by enhancing its natural flavor, we seek to live deliberately and season our lives with those things that helps to bring out our truest selves.

I like to talk about parenthood and all the ways motherhood stretches us. I also like to talk about wellness – the physical, mental and emotional variety – and clean eating and living. And I can’t help but talk about faith, redemption and grace.

This is about community – I want to hear from you. What inspires you? What engages you? What enables you to life a live more meaningful? Share your story.

About Liz
Hey there, I’m Liz. I have the pleasure and honor of playing mama to two of the fiercest, most passionate little girls to walk this Earth. My husband is my muse and the most handsome fellow I’ve ever laid eyes upon. We currently reside in Charlotte, North Carolina but dream of life in the mountains.

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19 thoughts on “About

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  2. Liz, you’re hilarious! I’m not a parent, but I have a keen eye and ear for the parents who I wish to emulate someday: the ones that can make fun of their kids and the crazy things they do. So glad to have found your blog!

  3. hahaaha oh man, I don’t know where my brain has gone. I thought you wrote “momma to two sassy girls and two husbands” until I re-read it 2 more times. 😛 I came here because I read your comment on Sweettoothsweetlife about pregnancy and parenting emotions, and I really appreciated your thoughts on the subject matter!

  4. Hi! I just read your ‘All quiet. Unless it’s not.’ post and saw “Emery’s Good Morning Chart.” I’m kind of excited because a) I love your writing and b) my daughter has the same name! I thought we were being so original, and now I’ve come across a few Emerys. Clicking (+)Follow in 3…2…1…

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